Here is Why the Celebrity Nude Photos Scandal Should Upset You

For the past two weeks, celebrities have been threatening to sue the Apple Corporation for the breach in their iCloud security that allowed several hackers to access their personal information. While the thread was initially titled a derogatory name on the 4chan thread that initially posted it, the fact of the matter is that this hack was nothing less than an invasion of privacy. The initial threads in Reddit, 4chan and Imgur have since been deleted, but the hackers are still threatening to release more images, and possible videos of the people who own the accounts that they invaded.

Several questions to ponder about this hack are:

1. Why were only females targeted?

The list of more than 100 celebrities is 98% female, and the male target(s) photos have not been leaked. If the list consisted of solely male celebrities, would they be called the vicious names that these women are being called? Would the media joke about their private photos? Would their photos even be given the time of day? To answer that shortly, no. They would not be called names, nor would the world care about their pictures following the scandal.

2. Had they been celebrities with different reputations than Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, would we have cared so much?

One of the unfair aspects of this case is that the media went crazy with the photos because a batch of them were of “America’s Sweetheart,” Jennifer Lawrence. Had they initially been of a celebrity who has a different sort of reputation, like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, the frenzy would not have been a massive fire-starter from the beginning. Is it fair to treat the dignity of someone’s private photos more personally than another persons?

3. Why are these women being called names for taking private photos in their own homes?

There are countless posts on social media that are calling these women “whores” and saying they “deserved” what happened to them because of the pictures they took. The most interesting/disappointing thing about these statements is that the majority of these critical comments are coming from women themselves! What happened to women sticking together and making sure that we all get treated fairly? Is it appropriate to say things about these actresses when we loved and adored them a year ago not knowing that these private pictures existed? Do we have any right at all to judge someone for taking a nude picture? No, we do not. This is a massive invasion of privacy, not just because they are celebrities, but because they are vulnerable people as well. The humiliation and fear of safety knowing that the world has seen you at your most private moment is enough. They do not need to be called insulting names because they are women who took private photographs.

Let’s look at it this way: what if those were your pictures? Would you want to be called the things that these women are being labeled? Would you want to go to work knowing that your coworkers may have stumbled across those images of you?

This hack is not only a violation of privacy, it is a disgusting invasion of the human body that none of the women gave consent to. That is disgusting.