Encoded Message of Female Victimization

Credit: D&G Aug 2007.

Credit: D&G Aug 2007.

A huge part of the life is determined by fashion. But who considers the latent contents hidden behind this word? Mainly nobody, yet it determines our behavior and results in some indirect effect on our consumer patterns and social attitude.

Let’s take a widely-known picture of a world highly reputed brand, Dolce&Gabbana.

From external approach a usually thin women is depicted surrounded by man promoting a brand. At the first view fashion is equal with brands, glamorous possessions, and everything you need to become satisfied, well-known, respected, sparkling, unbelievably skinny and well-off.

To shed light on the background, besides external sight, internal evaluation is also rudimentary.  A picture on a billboard not only a simplified advertisement but also a message carried to the public firmly connected with the function of roles and rules.

While you are immerse yourself in staring the ad if you are watchful enough, you can sense a protuberant bias globally and ask numerous questions to yourself.

Why women are need to be woozily skinny? Why are they suffering on the pics, while having the most luxurious goods? Why sexuality and victimization are impossibly inseparable?

Supposedly these questions can be answered by the aspect of society. Gender problem and equality has not been solved among the two breeds and use of violence for eye-catching targets are clearly implies that.

In spite of the fact that far from nowadays women have been ended to be only housewives and mothers most of the ads demonstrate them as weak, wacky, unintelligent sexual objects which can be always snatched by men. Therefore women in general seem to be weak, who can be raped or humiliated without any serious consequences.

It is known that on victimizing ads mainly white women are appeared, and more frequently women then man.

According to this thesis, man has different role as well, they are violent, dominant, insensible, sex-orientated and superior to women.

Regarding these facts, our social behavior is correctly the opposite of our expectations, while we fight against disparity we generate them by ourselves and if it won’t be enough, we promote them on billboards as a vicious circle.

For this reason we do not need to be surprised when it is claimed that rates of raping are growing, and the number of guilt against women is increasing.

Owing to a scantly clad woman it all happens in the back, indeed.

Sexuality is humiliated, women’s will be subjected to men’s will, both are objects which sells goods, thinness and robustness are required, violence against women is accepted, social tolerance towards aberrations is growing. Is it our society according to the fashion market?

If so, patterns and idealistic figures need to be changed otherwise a fake society with fake population will be matured.

Finally potential reason of female victimization in ads can have an abstract solution as well, when we draw a parallel between the hidden content of the ads and the struggling females; you never can resist to the temptation, you are too weak to do anything against it, brands will fight for you and they able to steal your soul, if you are not careful enough.

So be awake use your mind and do not be the victim of fashion.