Fighting Fair: A New Name and a Fresh Approach

Here at our site, we are entering a new era, a rebirth — and a new birth calls for a new name. As you’ve probably noticed by now, we’ve chosen to replace our old name, Fashion Corruption, with GlamMonitor. The reason for the change, however, may not be so apparent. Simply put, it has come to our attention that the name “Fashion Corruption — The Ugly World of Pretty People” might have been a bit abrasive — not just in terms of how it makes readers feel, but in regards to the goal of our website as well.

Yes, the fashion industry is rife with destructive methods and deeds, from disordered eating and prostitution to multiple forms of abuse. Yes, we the writers at this site seek to put a spotlight on the corruption that goes down behind glorious runway scenes and fabulous photo shoots. However, as US President Theodore Roosevelt once said, sometimes it’s better to “speak softly and carry a big stick.” The time is right for to shed its brashness and begin to use its “inside voice” — and this means that change is needed not only in our name, but in our approach.

The truth is, we here at GlamMonitor love the fashion industry. Many of us writing for the site can recall spending our childhoods flipping through the dazzling stories on the pages of magazines, prose that made promises of a world where glitz and glam would someday outshine all that was dull and grey in our own lives. We gazed at the stars and socialites who lived the lives we dreamed of, and at the models who so effortlessly illustrated the beauty and style we could only imagine ourselves showing off someday. Advertisements painted a picture of a world we ourselves could join if we tried hard enough. Perhaps we dreamed of becoming runway models, fashion writers, photographers, buyers or magazine editors. Some of us may have actually overcome the odds and “made it” in the industry — or maybe we missed the mark. Whatever our personal histories with the industry, something about it has held our interest, at some point, long enough to make us long for it.

We do not come to seek and destroy; the torch we carry is not meant to burn to scraps the very industry loved by many of us since childhood, but to shine one of the many lights that are necessary to bring forth the industry’s flaws, that they might be healed. We love the world and want to see it heal and evolve, and we revere the fashion industry enough to see what a huge role it plays in society. Small as we are, humble as our publication may be, we’re just crazy enough to think that we can make a difference, and in fact, we will.

To that effect, in doing our part to bring balance into the industry, we seek now to bring a new and healthy balance to our own perspective. We know that there are two sides to every story — three if you count the truth — and we want to do our very best to bring light to the truth in a fair and comprehensive manner. We hope that you, our readers, will benefit from our attempt to evolve, and that the change we make within ourselves will eventually be reflected in the world around us.